Tax-Free Retirement

Which would you like, Taxable or Tax-Free Retirement?

You may have heard one of MLC Financial Services ads about turning your taxable retirement accounts into a tax-free lifetime income stream. There have also been numerous books written recently on this topic.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Believe me, it’s true!

For decades, the idea was to take a tax break during your working years, and postpone paying the taxes until you’ve retired. That makes sense if you are planning on being in a lower tax bracket when you retire, but will that really be the case?

Let’s take a moment and consider what is going on in our country. Our national debt has just past $21 trillion dollars.  Yes… trillion! A record high level of Americans are now participating in entitlement programs, and for the first time since 1982 the total cost of Social Security will exceed total income for the year.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand that the time to pay the piper is drawing near. How will the government pay for these extraordinary debts? One way… increase taxes.

For the majority of Americans who have been counting on their tax bracket to be lower in retirement, this could be devastating to their plans for income during their golden years.

MLC Financial Services has a solution. We’ve already helped hundreds of our clients establish a special program that will provide tax-free… that’s right… tax-free income to them in their retirement years.  This solution is not for everyone, but a Wealth Planner advisor can sit down with you to determine if it’s a good fit. Even if you already have a 401k or IRA, these IRS approved programs can still work. We would love to share with you the secret to turning taxable into tax-free.

The earlier you get started, the better the results, so don’t hesitate another day.