Why Everyone Needs My Family Financial Miracle

In this crazy world of financial change you need the three essential components for your money: growth, income, and protection.
What would you do if you were handed a half million dollars—cash. You’ve earned it from years of hard work. For all you know, that’s it. You’re not going to make any more. What would you do?

  • You wouldn’t gamble it away
  • You’re afraid to risk it in the stock market
  • You can’t park it in a money market
  • You would be foolish to speculate with any of it.

How did one determined family man build an innovative financial shield for his money after an arduous journey of advisor meetings and research, one that worked beyond his wildest expectations?

That’s what you will find out in My Family Financial Miracle

  • Protect your savings from the devastating impact of the 8 major financial risks every family faces today.
  • Optimize the returns on your money with upside market potential without exposing it to the inevitable roller coaster of market volatility.
  • Outsmart the banks and finance purchases with your OWN money while still potentially earning interest on the entire amount of the loan.
  • Build a nest egg tax deferred, access it tax free—and never worry about outliving your money.

Merle Gilley’s family financial miracle can be your miracle too. You can take back control of your financial future—no luck or guesswork required!

Mike Cox

Mike Cox


Mike is a native West Texan and a proud graduate of Texas Tech University. He has been involved in the financial and investment industry for over 12 years in Lubbock and has assisted his clients in many aspects of their financial lives-especially by providing them with certainty, clarity, and peace of mind. His #1 goal is to continue to develop long-term client friendships that have been formed out of trust.

Mike has the ability to offer at risk investment strategies that offer higher return potential through his relationship as an investment advisor representative of Wealth Watch Advisors. He enjoys helping his clients preserve, protect, and enjoy their hard-earned assets by providing simple, yet comprehensive strategies that utilize Registered Investment Advisory Services, offered through Wealth Watch Advisors, LLC.  Mike also helps his clients with sound tax information and Elder law legal assistance. Because of the strategic partnerships with CPA’s and attorneys, he is confident in his ability to assist you with all of your estate planning and retirement needs.

Mike has been married to his college sweetheart, Kimberly, for over 25 years, has two children, Madelyn (17) and Halle (13) and has lived in Lubbock for over 22 years of his adult life. Mike enjoys being in the outdoors, playing the guitar, and spending time with his family.

IRA Stretching

IRA Stretching

Stretch your IRA across generations! 

MLC Financial Services can assist you in establishing a plan to stretch your IRA funds across multiple generations to Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren…or to the Charity of your choice.  Often times, when inheritance is left in a lump-sum fashion to kids, it is quickly squandered or lost to heavy taxation.  Imagine instead, providing a lifetime stream of income that can span generations, truly leaving a Legacy to your family.

Traditional IRA to a Roth Conversion

Traditional IRA to a Roth Conversion

Convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth, while you still can!

MLC Financial Services has a solution, and we’ve already helped many of our clients begin to convert their fully taxable IRA’s into tax-free Roth’s. This solution is not for everyone, but a professional can sit down and help determine if it makes sense for you. The earlier you get started, the better the results, so don’t hesitate another day.